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Many of you will receive this notice via Aroid-L, but for the other
AEGers, I forward it here.

There are many presentations which will have some Arisaema content, but
two stand out as exceptional opportunities to get information from the
They are:

Tuesday Aug 10, 11:10 AM        Classification of Arisaema
Jin Murata (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan)

and a poster paper, "Arisaema In The Omei Mountains"
Pao-Chung Kao, Chengdu Institute Of Biology, Academia Sinica

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The full schedule exceeds the Arisaema-L posting limits.  To receive a
full schedule, contact
either Tom Croat or me (Beth Cosgriff) <bcosgriff at>.


Though probably all of you are aware of the aroid conference this
summer in St. Louis, I would like to remind contributors that time is
rapidly slipping away and all of us need to make our preparations.
Those of you who have already made the commitment to come need to turn
in your pre-registration form so that we can make plans for the number
of participants.  For those of you who have not made commitments,
please consider the meetings carefully.  It is important for the
success of the conference that we have a large turnout, not only
because we all have a contribution to make but because it will be an
excellent time to renew old acquaintances, to meet new aroid
personalities and to have a generally great time.  We already have
participants who plan to attend from all over the world including
China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Russia, Croatia, Germany,
Denmark, Sweden, England, France, Mexico and Brazil.  For those who
are not so far away, the meetings will be less expensive and I hope
that many of you in North America will attend and meet our overseas
fellow aroiders and  participate in the conference.  The meetings have
been planned specifically to appeal to a broad spectrum of
participants and there will be days packed with interesting and
educational activities.

Although there are a few presentations which are still tentative for
one reason or another we will present here a tentative outline of the
program.  This is your opportunity to make corrections, additions,
deletions, etc., if I have somehow misunderstood what you have asked
to do.  Please let me know if there are any changes that need to be
made in the program.

Full Schedule is available - see above.

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