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I thought Eric's suggestions were constructive and well-intentioned, and
am not sure, Ray, why you take such exception to them.

If seed data were posted to a webpage, recipients could get them there an=d
wouldn't need to write donors individually.  Also, if potential recipient=s
could tell Craig what they *would*like (rather than leaving him to go
through their personal inventories and see what they don't have already),
this should save, not cost, him time. And does he really have data for
every member?  I know he doesn't have mine (true confessions). As to
snail-mail-only members, they could be dealt with as they always have;
I agree that mailing out a list to them would add significant work.  How
numerous are they?

If the seed distribution has grown so large that it's a huge burden for
one person - and we should all be proud if it has - why don't we just fin=d
ways (like NARGS) to spread the burden?  I, for one, am quite willing to
help out with the physical work (my computer skills are lousy).  The year
I did that for NARGS I rather enjoyed it - though I did have to have
corneal surgery afterwards (not really any connection, but I couldn't


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