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I have no doubt that Eric's suggestions were well meant. So were the same
suggestions when they
were made last year. None of the suggesters have had to handle the work
of doing the Seedex.

My problem is that I can't get across how much more complicated the
Seedex would be if individual requests have to be handled, lists have to
be prepared and posted before any picking begins, etc., etc.

Think of the difficulty of moving the seed across the border so you could
help. Should he move some of it, all of it? How will he keep track of
what was sent and what was left over. Who will do all the extra
Who will be responsible for getting all the accession data from donors?
Should we hold up posting the list and distribution until it's all in?
Based on the prompt update of collection data from members, the seed will
germinate before we distribute.

We have no complaints from members about the Seedex.

We have lots of compliments on the Seedex.

We have suggestions on how to make it more complicated.

Why fix it if it isn't broke, especially if it means much more work.

I leave it up to Craig to decide how he wants to do it.

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