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Tue Nov 3 14:56:17 CET 1998

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Subject: Re: AEG Seedex

These changes in the Seedex procedures have been suggested before in one
or more versions.
The principle disadvantage is its about 2 to 3 times as much work as the
present method. Since the enormous effort of handling and distributing
14000 seeds is done by a volunteer with some help, it is an imposition of
magnitude to triple their load.

I speak from experience having done the AEG Seedex for a few years and
being involved in the NARGS
seedex, which works much like the suggestion, for 3 years. I propose that
those who would change the present procedure volunteer to take over the
duties of running the Seedex.

As for producing a seed list, it would require getting the seed by a
deadline with time to produce and distribute the list to all, including
the snail-mail members. That could add weeks to the process and
complicate keeping the seed fresh as well as being a major headache for
the Seedex operator.

As for tracking seed, the year, the species, and the donor's name
uniquely identify each seed. This
data is on each seed packet (except for the year which is understood).
Beyond that, it's up to
the donor. Some keep records and some don't. In the latter case, nothing
will produce more information.
In the former case, a simple E-mail to the donor will get you all the
information there is, and if this is done
via Arisaema-L, we'll all have the information. This poses no extra
burden on the Seedex operators.

As far as unwanted seeds, we have always honored requests by members to
eliminate common
seed distribution. As far as better distribution, the membership's
collection lists are the basis for
distribution so that one gets what one doesn't have as much as is
How could it be better than that?

Having said all that, it's really up to Craig how he operates the Seedex.

<GRSJr at>

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998
>Would it no be better to produce a seedlist for the SeedEx, so that we
>send our desiderata to Craig.
>I am willing to put the seedlist on our web also for future reference
>and we
>can even add images to show the different forms.
>I am aware that this will only include the 115 AEG members on the
>but this are quite a few (for others we can keep working in the same
>way or
>send them the seedlist by mail).
>Several of us don't need all the seed samples, which will leave more
>for others!
>- we can add more information about origin of the seeds, so that we do
>have to contact the seed donors by our own
>- we can send the seed-list both by email and put it on the web for
>reference (if seeds were numbered, you can always track them back)
>- the list on the web can have images which extent over the years
>- we get a better distribution of the seeds

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