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At 3:21 AM -0400 6/15/98, guy gusman is rumored to have typed:

> About Kaichen's items:
> - sp#3 = A. lobatum or a close species? The forms, I saw at Mt. Emei =have
> unstriped spathes, orange flushed green and with a long acuminate limb.
> But, Roy ,Tony...  same question: how are the plants you came across in
> Yunnan? Did you see them in flower this year?


I just posted a couple of pictures. Take a look at:


There are two plants here; one has a plain leaf (the one with the flower =in
the picture), and the other is silver splashed (flower has gone by, but i=t
looked identical). The earlier flower was male, and the later female, but
the bloom may not have overlapped long enough for pollination. I did try =to
recover some old pollen from the shriveled flower, but I doubt if it was
good. Both had turquoise blue tubers.

For reference, these are my collection numbers 102110 and 102117, from 99
Dragons in Yunnan.

Are they indeed Arisaema lobatum?

As an aside, I am still waiting for what I hope is Arisaema asperatum to
emerge. These were collected in the same area as lobatum, and had a curio=us
spiny stem. I poked around and the tubers look fine-- maybe we need some
warm weather to get things going. And I am busy taking pictures of all th=e
franchetifargesianum variants....

--Roy Herold
N. Reading, MA

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