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Ray, Wilbert, Ellen et al

Today I cut off the inflorescence of my first "rhombiforme", which is fem=ale
and was beginning to wilt, and examined the stigmata with a hand lens. If=I
understand the term correctly, they do appear to be penicillate, having
multiple sharp, slightly triangular projections. I've re-read Wilbert's
postings several times, and I guess that this means that the Kaichen
"rhombiforme" (at least Ray's and mine) are probably A. fargesii.

My 3 franchetianums (established for years in the garden) are all opening
female, so I should be able to check the stigmata soon. They appear to ha=ve
considerably thicker appendices than the "rhombiforme/fargesii".

Incidentally, Wilbert, in reading over your postings I note that in one y=ou
refer to the diameter of the base of the appendix, and then later to the
diameter of the base of the spadix. Could this be the source of some of t=he
confusion re Ohwi's 4mm? And where there is an abrupt change in diameter =where
the appendix joins the spadix, is it possible that some previous taxonomi=sts
(Ohwi?)have measured the area above the flowering portion of the spadix a=nd
considered that to be part of the appendix?

Ellen, I also got some "fargesii" from a Czech friend and although none a=re in
flower, the stems, leaves, etc. look similar to the Kaichen "rhombiforme".
Another piece in the puzzle!

So, now what are the plants that Kaichen sold as "fargesii'? I have 6 of =them,
none flowering,  leaves similar to "rhombiforme", but no reddish sheath t=o the

Jim McClements

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