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I did not collect any bulb of A. elephas in China and have not se=en any in
flower yet.

>> But, Roy ,Tony...  same question: how are the plants you came across i=n
>> Yunnan? Did you see them in flower this year?
>I just posted a couple of pictures. Take a look at:
>There are two plants here; one has a plain leaf (the one with the flower=in
>the picture), and the other is silver splashed (flower has gone by, but =it
>looked identical). The earlier flower was male, and the later female, bu=t
>the bloom may not have overlapped long enough for pollination. I did try=to
>recover some old pollen from the shriveled flower, but I doubt if it was
>good. Both had turquoise blue tubers.
>For reference, these are my collection numbers 102110 and 102117, from 9=9
>Dragons in Yunnan.
>Are they indeed Arisaema lobatum?
>As an aside, I am still waiting for what I hope is Arisaema asperatum to
>emerge. These were collected in the same area as lobatum, and had a curi=ous
>spiny stem. I poked around and the tubers look fine-- maybe we need some
>warm weather to get things going. And I am busy taking pictures of all t=he
>franchetifargesianum variants....
>--Roy Herold
>N. Reading, MA
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