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>recently I sent you all a mail with my discontent about the bad ID's of =the
>Tamang tubers. here's an addition: I ordered three tubers of verrucosum.
>One (and I mentioned this earlier) turned out to be A. elephas, not bad.
>The second is even a greater surpise: A. griffithii var.
>pradhanii.......... Go figure!!!!

Thanks Wilbert.  Nice to know where MY A.griffithii pradhaniis went!!!  W=e
ordered 20, were sent 40 and not one of the ones that has flowered have b=een
true!!  Guess what, they turned out to be A. verrucosum.

>Since I never had any pradhanii, I am not really disappointed here.

I have a solution to our problem that will keep everyone happy and let
Tamang off the hook.  How about I send you a guaranteed verrucosum and yo=u
send me the griffihii pradhanii.  Sounds fair to me.


Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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