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Jim, Paul, Ray, Roy, Tony et al.

About Kaichen's items:
- sp# 1 (= A. saxatile according to Kaichen's photo) - none came up
- sp# 2 = A. elephas, or a small form of the typical species when compa=red
to the huge specimens (to 1.30 m) I saw at Mt. Emei. But, Roy ,Tony...  h=ow
large were the plants you saw in Yunnan?
- sp#3 = A. lobatum or a close species? The forms, I saw at Mt. Emei ha=ve
unstriped spathes, orange flushed green and with a long acuminate limb.
But, Roy ,Tony...  same question: how are the plants you came across in
Yunnan? Did you see them in flower this year?
- sp# 4 (= A. omeiense according to Kaichen's photo) none came up
- sp#5 (= A. ciliatum, a dark spathed form, from Kaichen's picture?) ju=st
about to flower in the garden, looking forward. Jim, A. concinnum, to my
knowledge, does not exist in China.
- sp#6 (= A. bathycoleum according to Kaichen's photo) just coming up i=n
the garden.
- A. saxatile (= sp#7 for Paul Christian) about to flower, with no
pseudostem, two pedatisect leaves with 9-12 leaflets, all are dentate. Is
it a pinellia? But the long appendage seems lacking, isn't it Ray? By us =it
seems included in the spathe, thus very short.
- A. franchetianum (= A. ciliatum according to Kaichen's photo) are ver=y
small but already exhibit a radiate leaf with 5 leaflets, in agreement wi=th
a Sinarisaema such as A. ciliatum. More information needed to say the
- A. candidissimum is just coming up.
- A. rhombiforme, from Kaichen's photo and the tuber I got, it is a
Franchetiana. Waiting on your pictures, Jim.
- A. lingyunense and A. rhizomatum are still dormant.


About A. ochraceum Schott, from Sikkim: it is considered a dubious specie=s
by Engler. But I got two different items under this name:
- A. concinnum, tubers from Darjeeling area, bought in a Dutch nursery.
- In the region of Darjeeling, it is the name commonly used by local peop=le
for A. jacquemontii, as I could see when I was there.
Up to now, I didn't receive any A. nepenthoides as A. ochracea


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