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<div>I don't know if any one has had A. echinatum from Madam Tamang this
year.&nbsp; I purchased a good stock with the intent of growing them on
and producing them here.&nbsp; They are now flowering and I am in a
strange situation, I don't recognise what on earth they could be.</div>
<div>They came direct from India. (as an aside, they took just four days
to get from India, and then over two weeks to travel the remaining 100
miles or so from Birmingham (UK) to Wrexham, which is supposed to be the
third world country here ? FedEx agreed that they would actually have
been quicker by donkey)</div>
<div>The point I wish to make, is that there is no chance of middle-men
intervening,&nbsp; the stock is as supplied direct to me, by
Tamang.&nbsp; They all have lovely broad glossy green radiatisect leaves,
between 5 and 8 leaflets, 7 seems normal.&nbsp; Most of the leaflets are
spickled with little red or pink-red marks.&nbsp; Adjacent spp are not so
I assume that this is characteristic of the plant and not a spray or
somesuch.&nbsp; The leaf stems are all pale translucent green-white to
pinkish, all with long thin candy-pink broken stripes.&nbsp; </div>
<div>Spathes appear white but are pale green, all on pink stems. The
spathes is striped with paired, thin brown lines.&nbsp; Spadix extension
is this same caramel-pink-brown that crops up throughout the plant, but
the top third is bright pale green and shiny, not echinate (Guy says it
isn't anyway in echinatum) , for non botanists echinate is covered in
little spikey bits, like a hedgehog or echidna.&nbsp; It isn't even furry
or covered in short hairs, it isn't anything to do with hair, is is bald
and shiny, like a well polished pate, but green.&nbsp; This is consistent
throughout the plants.&nbsp; So is the pattern of a green end but a pink
base, or basal 2/3 rds.</div>
<div>It looks nothing at all like the echinatum at the Arisaema page,
neither in &quot;flower&quot; nor in leaf.&nbsp; </div>
<div>The end of the story approaches, in that I do not know what on earth
it is.&nbsp; I know the normal Indian Himalayan spp and this is not one
that I have ever seen.&nbsp; Pradham lists the following as radiatisect
:- exappendiculatum,&nbsp; consanguineum , concinnum , fraternum ,&nbsp;
and&nbsp; erubescens ( = concinnum), it is certainly none of these.&n=bsp;
Thus it leaves echinatum, unless echinatum isn't always echinate. 
<div>I have taken proper pictures and will get these scanned in time, in
the meantime I will post digital pictures at my web site at </div>
<div>&quot;<a href="" EU=DORA=
see what you think.&nbsp; </div>
<div>You will see that this is a boy, they are all boys at the moment so
no seed.</div>

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