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Tom Jacobs TomEJ at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 23 17:08:27 CEST 1997

Whoops! I should have greeted with "Arisaema-L'ers". Senility has set in
already. I'm joining two groups at once, and it's a little confusing. Sorry.

Tom Jacobs, Hudson Valley, Zone 6
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Subj:    Signing on
Date:    97-09-23 00:30:43 EDT
From:    TomEJ
To:      ARISAEMA-L at nic.surfnet.nl

To the Trillium-L'ers,

Thank you all for your welcome. Paul, you have my word that I'll keep the
species pure for awhile, since the only thing that blooms and seeds for me
now is Triphyllum. But let's see: if I get some exchange seeds this year,
some of them might be blooming in 2 to 4 years if I'm lucky. Then I've got to
learn HOW to cross-fertilize which probably is an art. Then some crosses will
work, most won't. The seed results will each again take 2-4 years. I'm 67
now; maybe when I'm 90, I'll have some successes. But my genes are such that
I may not reach 90. I'll probably die broken-hearted. Paul, I don't think you
have much to worry about.

Tom Jacobs, Hudson Valley, Zone 6

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