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Wed Sep 24 02:08:59 CEST 1997


I think you have your lists mixed up. This is Arisaema-L. We don't
mention those little
white flowers people here.

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On Tue, 23 Sep 1997 00:30:25 -0400 Tom Jacobs <TomEJ at AOL.COM> writes:

>To the Trillium-L'ers,
>Thank you all for your welcome. Paul, you have my word that I'll keep
>species pure for awhile, since the only thing that blooms and seeds
>for me
>now is Triphyllum. But let's see: if I get some exchange seeds this
>some of them might be blooming in 2 to 4 years if I'm lucky. Then I've
>got to
>learn HOW to cross-fertilize which probably is an art. Then some
>crosses will
>work, most won't. The seed results will each again take 2-4 years. I'm
>now; maybe when I'm 90, I'll have some successes. But my genes are
>such that
>I may not reach 90. I'll probably die broken-hearted. Paul, I don't
>think you
>have much to worry about.
>Tom Jacobs, Hudson Valley, Zone 6

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