Warm/cold dormancies

guy gusman ggusman at ULB.AC.BE
Tue Sep 23 07:38:41 CEST 1997

Yesterday you wrote:

<<<(b) in unpotting several A. triphyllum ssp. stewardsonii and "regular" A.
triphyllums, I was struck by how *very* different the tubers are.
The shape, positioning, and numbers of offsets (many) in stewardsonii
contrasts sharply with I see in other triphyllums.  I am also happy to
report that the stewardsoniis I collected in my back woods, and the ones
Roy Herold sent me a few years ago, have very similar tubers - guess I see
that as indicating that the distinguishing features are real, not random,
and exist in both Massachusetts and upstate NY (roughly 300 miles apart).
I'd certainly wonder whether they're the same species.>>>

Could you comment on this difference. I am afraid I didn't see any SHARP
difference all varieties of A.triphyllum, but, of course, I'd be happy to
learn from people who have the possibility of looking at many specimens in
the wild.
Best regards,

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