So, you want some Chinese aroids!

Fridrik Skulason frisk at COMPLEX.IS
Thu Jul 17 02:54:32 CEST 1997

> If you are going to be able to grow material from the other two expeditions
> then the gear from this one should be OK.

I expect to be able to grow much of what I get from the other two...not all,
some plants will dislike the winter (too wet or too cold) or the summer
(not warm enough).

I would be very interested in either a standard or a full share...the question
is really whether there will be enough non-aroid seed included for me to justify
a full share.  You see, although I am interested in Arisaemas, I am not planning
to try to create a complete collection of them in my garden - you are going to
a region with multiple other plants that I am at least as interested in as the
Arisaemas, so the question is really how much non-aroid seed you will collect,
while searching for your primary objectives.

Now, I don't know what interst others have expressed - I guess you have gotten
other replies than mine - and I know you cannot give any reasonable estimate
today on what you will be collecting, but this is basically my problem...

If 95% of the seed will be Arisaemas, I would go for a standard share ...
but if the percentage was only 75%, for example, a full share would be much
more tempting...

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