So, you want some Chinese aroids!

Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Thu Jul 17 02:30:24 CEST 1997

Thanks for the response,

At 11:33 PM 7/16/97 +0000, you wrote:
>> This is a great opportunity to get hold of some rare seed.
>sounds interesting for a "seedaholic" like myself....I am subscribing to two
>other seed expeditions this year: C.C. Himalaya expedition and D.H. Japan/Korea
>expedition - I guess those are the same as the two you mentioned.

You are correct about the other two expeditions.

>Anyhow, what I wanted to ask you about: do you have climate data for the area
>you will be going to ?  Temperature data in particular - It would be pointless
>for me to subscribe to something which could never grow here...

If you are going to be able to grow material from the other two expeditions
then the gear from this one should be OK.  Besides, in the past I have
subscribed to expeditions then given the seed to other growers just to make
sure the expedition is financial and to help bring new material into our

I know little about the weather other than it will be temperate while we are
there.  It is reasonably high altitude but I am trying to establish the
weather conditions myself.  Everything has happened so fast.  This has all
come about in the last couple of weeks.

>Also, what is the exchange rate of the Autralian dollar compared to, say...
>the pound or the US dollar.  The currency exchange here in Iceland does not
>list Australian doolars...too lottle demand for them here, I guess.

$Au130 equates to about 100 American (and going down at the moment)  I think
I am far better value than the Korean trip  but this is the only way to get
this gear into cultivation.

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