So, you want some Chinese aroids!

Fridrik Skulason frisk at COMPLEX.IS
Thu Jul 17 01:33:56 CEST 1997

> This is a great opportunity to get hold of some rare seed.

sounds interesting for a "seedaholic" like myself....I am subscribing to two
other seed expeditions this year: C.C. Himalaya expedition and D.H. Japan/Korea
expedition - I guess those are the same as the two you mentioned.

Anyhow, what I wanted to ask you about: do you have climate data for the area
you will be going to ?  Temperature data in particular - It would be pointless
for me to subscribe to something which could never grow here...

Also, what is the exchange rate of the Autralian dollar compared to, say...
the pound or the US dollar.  The currency exchange here in Iceland does not
list Australian doolars...too lottle demand for them here, I guess.

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