Arum berry eaters?

Mike Slater mslater at VOICENET.COM
Thu Aug 7 02:54:59 CEST 1997

Hello all,

I have been watching the berries ripen on our Arum italicum *Pictum* for
about a week now. It is quite a show as the large green berries have
gradually turned orange then red from top to bottom on the seed cluster.
However tonight when I went to look at them, the ripe ones were all
gone! There is no sign that they were devoured in the immediate
vicinity. What animal, (humans are not a likely culprit here) might have
eaten/taken them? Any ideas? We do have Both red and gray squirrels in
the yard on occasion, but they have been coming here for years, but the
arum berries were unmolested in the past.

Mike Slater

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|                      /   Southeastern Pennsylvania, z6
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