Arisaema pseudo-franchetianum......

Ellen Hornig hornig at OSWEGO.EDU
Wed Aug 6 15:30:42 CEST 1997

I'm interested to see that the leaves on what I received as A.
franchetianum from the Seed Guild (originally from Kunming BG) resemble
Roy Herold's "pseudo-franchetianum" and are very different from the leaves
on my Czech franchetianums (ID courtesy of Wilbert Hetterscheid).  The
latter are almost yellowish-green; or in any case grass-green; and glossy,
almost rubbery in appearance.  The former are, as Roy says, more like
candidissimum: deeper green, with a more matte finish.  The shapes of the
seedling leaves are also unlike the franchetianums, though they exhibit
the same undivided, caladium-like juvenile leaf.  The few that have gone
tripartite are proportioned differently from my franchetianums, and have
none of the downward curl around the leaf edge.  Can't say more now, but
I'm hoping that the Seed Guild seeds will prove to be of Roy's species -
altogether possible if they came from Kunming, since they would probably
have been collected in the same areas Roy collected in.

Did anyone else buy those seeds?  What luck?

Ellen Hornig

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