Arisaema pseudo-franchetianum......

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Thu Aug 7 03:17:07 CEST 1997

I'd like to point out that I collected A. 'franchetianum' from at least
four locations in Yunnan, and only one site had the pseudo-type in the
picture. The rest had the typical spathe that was boldly striped with
purple and were basically identical to the Czech ones. The leaves on them
were all matte finished to some degree, and really lacked the glossy finish
of Ellen's. I think the shape may change with maturity as they get
established. We were forced to do some of the collections well before the
foliage had gone dormant, and this may have set them back a bit.

Hey, Tony, what do yours look like???

--Roy Herold
North Reading, MA

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