harvesting tubers

Jean Halverson jahalve at MHTC.NET
Mon Aug 4 20:12:06 CEST 1997

>I am trying to decide whether I should harvest my tubers and store them in the vegetable crisper,  or plant them in a permanent bed and bury them with a couple feet of
mulch.  I have a. triphyllum, a. dracontium and a. sikokkianum.

The advantage to harvesting tubers and storing them in a crisper is that you can take
them out in about 3 months and get another season's growth and closer to blooming.n  If
they're already blooming size, I would leave any tubers that I was sure were hardy in
the ground to follow their natural cycle.

I have 1 sikokianum that got big enough to bloom indoors last fall--a surprise because I
thought it was a different species.  After going dormant and about 3 months in the
refrig, it was planted in a large pot outside with others and has just started blooming
again.  What a beauty!  IF I have a suitable bed ready for it when it goes dormant in
the fall, I'll probably plant it outside when it goes dormant.

Jean Halverson
zone 5a, sw Wisconsin,USA

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