[Ipe-discuss] Request for feature: Page settings

Pal Urgrue palurgrue at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 20:45:46 CEST 2022

I use ipe for real-time presentation of mathematics and diagrams to
students. This invariably results in multi-page documents and on-the-fly
editing of previous text, causing paragraphs to spill over the bottom of

When opening/editing a multi-page document, the window/scroll position/size
is the same when switching from page to page. This hinders moving
back-and-forth during cutting and pasting between pages, as one must
inevitably scroll or resize to find the previous location when zoomed in.

Feature request: would you implement an option for page-position/size
persistence, whereby page switching remembers previous page
characteristics? A "Restore previous page positions" setting would be most

Apologies if this feature is already there, and I am too inept to have
found out where 'there' is.

Thank you,
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