[Ipe-discuss] Shortcut to deselect everything?

Otfried Cheong ipe at otfried.org
Mon Jul 25 10:51:52 CEST 2022

On Fri, Jul 22, 2022, at 09:13, Motif via Ipe-discuss wrote:
> The most common mistake I make when using Ipe is that I accidentally 
> change the properties of an existing object (e.g. it's color) when my 
> intention is to change the properties of the next object I'm planning 
> to create. So to clarify, I:
>  * Create a black box
>  * Black box is still selected
>  * I want to create a blue circle. 
>  * I select the color blue, but since the black box is still selected, 
> the color of the box is changed. 
> My way of deselecting objects is to hold Ctrl and press on an empty 
> space in the canvas. This works, but it becomes tedious when you create 
> hundreds of objects. 
> Does anybody know of a way to add a keyboard shortcut (on Linux?) to 
> have Ipe deselect everything? For example just pressing the space bar. 

There is currently no action to deselect everything, so before you can create a shortcut for it, you have to make such an action.  The right way to do that is using an ipelet.  I'm attaching one that does exactly this and sets a shortcut for it.  Place the file in one of your Ipelet directories (Help->Show configuration->ipelets).

I'll also add the function in the next release to Ipe itself.


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