[Ipe-discuss] Shortcut to deselect everything?

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Fri Jul 22 09:13:25 CEST 2022

Hello Ipe users.

The most common mistake I make when using Ipe is that I accidentally change the properties of an existing object (e.g. it's color) when my intention is to change the properties of the next object I'm planning to create. So to clarify, I:

- Create a black box
- Black box is still selected
- I want to create a blue circle.
- I select the color blue, but since the black box is still selected, the color of the box is changed.

My way of deselecting objects is to hold Ctrl and press on an empty space in the canvas. This works, but it becomes tedious when you create hundreds of objects.

Does anybody know of a way to add a keyboard shortcut (on Linux?) to have Ipe deselect everything? For example just pressing the space bar. I found this [Wiki page](https://github.com/otfried/ipe-wiki/wiki/Shortcuts) but nothing on specifically deselecting.
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