[Ipe-discuss] Ipelib MSVC compatibility

Willem Sonke willem at wimiso.nl
Wed Jan 12 11:08:00 CET 2022

Dear Otfried,

On 1/11/22 11:22 PM, Otfried Cheong via Ipe-discuss wrote:
 > I would be quite happy to include your changes if they make Ipelib
 > compile on more compilers - as long as they don't stop me from
 > compiling with mingw

That would be very helpful, thanks! I'll try setting up a mingw build to 
check if the changes don't break anything there.

 > and as long as it's clear that I will not commit to never break MSVC
 > compilation again in the future (I will not try to compile  on MSVC
 > for every future release).

Understood, that makes total sense.

 > Best wishes, and Happy New Year!

The same to you!

Kind regards, Willem

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