[Ipe-discuss] Shortcut for text horizontal and vertical alignment

Otfried Cheong ipe at otfried.org
Wed Jan 12 11:05:55 CET 2022

> I would like to define shortcuts for horizontal and vertical text 
> alignments. I was trying to define the shortcuts in my customize.lua 
> file by guessing (as I was not able to determine the correct keyword):
> shortcuts.horizontalalignmentright = "Alt+Shift+R"
> shortcuts.horizontalalignment_right = "Alt+Shift+R"
> shortcuts.horizontalAlignment_right = "Alt+Shift+R"
> shortcuts.horizontal_alignment_right = "Alt+Shift+R"
> shortcuts.alignment_horizontal_right = "Alt+Shift+R"
> But this did not work. Does anyone know how this is done right?

This is indeed tricky, as the shortcut contains a vertical bar.  The right syntax is:

shortcuts["horizontalalignment|right"] = "Alt+Shift+R"
shortcuts["horizontalalignment|left"] = "Alt+Shift+L"


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