[Ipe-discuss] Ipelib MSVC compatibility

Willem Sonke willem at wimiso.nl
Mon Jan 10 10:34:23 CET 2022

Hi Otfried and other Ipe users,

In a C++ cartography tool that we are currently developing, we are using 
Ipelib for file import/export. This works well, and it is very useful 
that thanks to Ipelib our tool can now painlessly read Ipe files as 
input, and output Ipe/PDF/SVG files.

When building for Windows, however, we noticed that Ipelib does not 
compile cleanly under MSVC. This was a problem for us, because our tool 
relies on MSVC for its Windows builds. I was able to make Ipelib (and 
its dependencies) work correctly, but I needed to apply a number of 
patches. Most of these are simple changes, such as some missing includes 
and fixes for constructions that MSVC does not like.

I would be happy to provide my MSVC project setup and work on tidying up 
these patches so that they could be incorporated in the source code, if 
there is interest in making Ipelib MSVC-compatible.

Kind regards,
Willem Sonke (TU Eindhoven)

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