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Lluís Alemany-Puig lluis.alemany.puig at upc.edu
Sat Feb 5 14:26:36 CET 2022


Okay. Changing the style really /is/ the way to go.////


On 04/02/2022 19:47, Soeren Nickel via Ipe-discuss wrote:
> Hi Lluís,
> While I am not sure if an ipelet could be written, which dynamically 
> enlarges the drawing area whenever something isplaced outside of the 
> canvas or the user scrolls beyond the canvas, I think this would be an 
> unnecessarily complicated solution for this problem. I attached a .isy 
> stylefile, which defines the canvas to be excessively enormous (500000 
> x 500000) far exceeding what ipe can display at once in the viewer by 
> default (something which you can change in the prefs.lua), making it 
> for most common applications "infinite". And to be honest I find it 
> quite disorienting, so I also attached a more reasonable 5000 x 5000.
> Simply hit Ctrl + Shift + s, add the .isy file and hit Ok. You can 
> obviously also manually change the numbers in the style file and 
> create any size and aspect ratio canvas you want.
> Best,
> Soeren
> On 04.02.22 15:44, Lluís Alemany Puig via Ipe-discuss wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Recently, I've been using IPE to make diagrams to help me carry out 
>> my research in my thesis. These diagrams tend to be large and more 
>> often than not I can't put two of them next to each other. And so, I 
>> eventually "run out" of space in the canvas while most of it being 
>> empty. I just can't use the remaining space because diagrams would 
>> overlap. I know I can use the gray area, but I can't see clearly 
>> whatever is on it.
>> So I was thinking to enlarge the canvas using the <layout> field in a 
>> personal stylesheet. Similar to presentation.isy. However, I can 
>> foresee the same problem happening again (and then having to enlarge 
>> the canvas, and repeat).
>> Does IPE have an option to make the canvas "infinite"?
>> Thank you all,
>> Lluís.
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