[Ipe-discuss] Drawing a line

Fabio Stumbo stf at unife.it
Wed Jul 22 10:15:42 CEST 2020

I see: at first glance, I misunderstood your suggestion, so I didn't get 
it correctly.

Indeed it works.

Is there actually any difference at all, with regards to my aim (i.e., 
just draw a line through two points which extends beyond the two 
points), between scale and stretch?

Because even if both this workarounds work, the solution proposed by 
Otfried looks more appropriate for the theory.



Il 22/07/20 09:20, Olivier Devillers via Ipe-discuss ha scritto:
>>>> In particular, I am not able to draw the line passing through two 
>>>> given point: I can draw the segment from a point to another, but 
>>>> not the line through them.
>>> Draw the segment, then use « scale » to move the end-points one by one.
>> Sorry but this workaround doesn't help in my case: in a compass and 
>> rule construction, constructed point are fixed: you can't move them 
>> around.
> If you use « scale »   it preserves the orientation of the segment.
> It does exactly what you want.
> (Use « scale » not «  stretch » , stretch is an affine transformation, 
> scale is an homothety, scale is obtained by using stretch mode + shift)
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