[Ipe-discuss] Drawing a line

Olivier Devillers olivier.devillers at inria.fr
Wed Jul 22 09:20:27 CEST 2020

>>> In particular, I am not able to draw the line passing through two given point: I can draw the segment from a point to another, but not the line through them.
>> Draw the segment, then use « scale » to move the end-points one by one.
> Sorry but this workaround doesn't help in my case: in a compass and rule construction, constructed point are fixed: you can't move them around.

If you use « scale »   it preserves the orientation of the segment.
It does exactly what you want.

(Use « scale » not «  stretch » , stretch is an affine transformation, scale is an homothety, scale is obtained by using stretch mode + shift)

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