[Ipe-discuss] Error running ipe 7.2.23-1 under archlinux with lua53

benyuan lbyoopp at 163.com
Mon Dec 28 10:50:03 CET 2020


I found this problem might be that I upgrade the prefs.lua in 7.2.23 with my existing 7.2.21 prefs.lua, which missing a value for max_recent_files = 12.

I hope that there would be a better machenism on how to upgrade prefs.lua (or pointing on the upgrading hint), regarding the default or required values.

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I compile ipe 7.2.23-1 under archlinux using AUR https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ipe/ with lua53
However, when I open or recompile a ipe file (a.pdf) there is an error reporting that:

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/model.lua:689: attempt to compare nil with number

stack traceback:

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/model.lua:689: in method 'updateRecentFiles'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/model.lua:605: in method 'tryLoadDocument'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/model.lua:573: in method 'loadDocument'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/actions.lua:715: in local 'f'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/actions.lua:89: in method 'paction'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/actions.lua:37: in function </usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/actions.lua:37>

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/actions.lua:37: in function </usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/actions.lua:36>

[C]: in function 'mainloop'

/usr/share/ipe/7.2.23/lua/main.lua:496: in main chunk

[C]: in function 'require'

[string "require "main""]:1: in main chunk

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