[Ipe-discuss] ipe 7.2.13 doesn't read custom latex preamble?

Mandar Mitra mandar.mitra at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 17:47:09 CET 2019


I just changed from 7.2.12 to 7.2.13. 

In iperc.lua, I have
      prefs.styles = { "basic", "latex-preamble" };
latex-preamble contains \input{macros.tex}, and macros.tex is in a directory that is included in $TEXINPUTS.

This worked without problems up to 7.2.12, but with 7.2.13, I get the following error during the pdflatex run:

! LaTeX Error: File `macros.tex' not found.

I changed latex-preamble.isy, but latexrun/ipetemp.tex doesn't seem to be picking up the changes.

I've reverted to 7.2.12, but that has a different problem. Text shows up in Ipe as shown in the attachment (in the output pdf, the text looks fine).

Has anyone else encountered these problems? Sorry, I suppose I should really have split this email in two.

Thanks for any help,
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