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Joe Rabinoff rabinoff at math.gatech.edu
Thu Oct 6 01:56:35 CEST 2016

Hi Otfried,

> Actually, starting from 7.2.5, \includegraphics is fully supported and
> will display in Ipe (as long as it's an image type supported by Ipe  -
> the black & white fax codec is currently not implemented).

Ah, thanks -- I've updated the readme.

> * Some colors may look different after compiling LaTeX unless you put
> \PassOptionsToPackage{rgb}{xcolor} before \documentclass in your LaTeX
> file. (The default color space used by xcolor is cmyk.)
> Actually, the default of xcolor is to create the correct PDF command for
> each color space, NOT to convert to a specific color space.   Perhaps
> Tikz's default is to create colors in cmyk?  Ipe's colors are in rgb,
> but you are free to use any color space when talking directly to xcolor
> in your text objects.

The inconsistency happens when using color names defined by xcolor in cmyk,
when you don't export the stylesheet colors.  What I mean by "default color
space used by xcolor" is that if xcolor has a choice of color spaces (as it
does for its built-in colors), it will choose cmyk, at least for pdf
documents.  For instance, in my tikz.isy, cyan is defined to be rgb(0,1,1),
but xcolor will by default use cmyk(1,0,0,0), which actually looks
different.  I've clarified the readme on this point.

> Note also that starting from very recent Ipe versions, Ipe fully
> supports using Tikz inside Ipe text objects.   In particular, there is
> now a tikz.isy style sheet that is part of the distribution.   I would
> probably be good to rename one of the two to avoid confusion (I would be
> happy to rename mine, as it is only meant as inspiration as to what can
> be done).

Ah, very cool.  I could rename mine to ipe2tikz.isy, or you could just use
the relevant bits from my version too if you like.  It might save you some
time -- it wasn't easy to make Ipe definitions for standard TikZ arrow
tips, since those depend on so many parameters -- what I ended up doing was
making a simple picture in TikZ, compiling to PDF, and directly extracting
the PDF drawing commands :)

Actually, if you want to merge part or all of my code into your master
tree, you should feel free.

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