[Ipe-discuss] Gradient

Roberto D rb.dona at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 22:11:55 CET 2016

Hi everybody,
I am not an expert about IPE.
Please look at the linear gradient example here
http://ipe.otfried.org/manual/manual_32.html, that is the following lines
<gradient name="linear" type="axial" extend="yes" coords="75 0 325 0">
<stop offset="0.05" color="1 0.4 0"/>
<stop offset="0.95" color="1 1 0.4"/>

My question is the following. Is it possible to modify the lines above so
that the coordinates become the local coordinates of the rectangle (that is
attached to the object, wherever I draw it in the plane)?
I cannot figure out how to use the matrix option.
Thank you
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