[Ipe-discuss] Ipe spontaneously downgrades

Monique Teillaud Monique.Teillaud at inria.fr
Wed Nov 4 11:55:55 CET 2015

Le 04/11/15 11:22, Otfried Cheong a écrit :
> I do not know much about Macs, but I'm pretty sure you can still start
> the program by calling it from the command line - using the full path
> /Applications/Ipe.app/Contents/MacOS/ipe.   Then at least you know for
> sure what executable you are calling

sure, I did that already, that executable (/script) is actually the same 
as the one that opens when I launch ipe "in the mac way", it is consistent.

all executables that
sudo find / -name "ipe"
finds are under /Applications/Ipe.app/

> (actually this isn't the
> executable, it's a shell script - the Ipe program itself is in
> /Applications/Ipe.app/Contents/local/bin/ipe, I believe).

probably /Applications/Ipe.app/Contents/Resources/local/bin

> Did you check the file modification dates?  Did anything inside the
> /Applications/Ipe.app folder get replaced since you put Ipe 7.1.8 there?

yes I checked that, and it looked even more crazy:
since I had done
cp -r /Volumes/Ipe-7.1.8/Ipe.app .
	instead of sliding the icon with the mouse
2 days ago, the date of the folder creation/mofification was 2 days ago.
I looked this morning, it was precisely the time when I did that cp. But 
it was still back to 7.1.5 instead of 7.1.8.

After I reinstalled this morning, the date is back to July 27.

> Do you have some backup software or TimeMachine activated?

no, my backup is just an rsync to some other place

It's not that it is terribly hard to reinstall ipe several times a day 
(I preciously keep the ipe dmg and the CGAL ipelets builts, so that 
everything is fast to reinstall), but it is still somehow annoying. Most 
of all, until we find the explanation (which might look totally trivial 
afterwards), it is just surrealistic...


Monique Teillaud
INRIA Nancy - Grand Est, LORIA
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique

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