[Ipe-discuss] editing text again, hitting return closed the text editing window.

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Nov 1 21:01:32 CET 2015

I noticed something strange. This is IPE 7.1.8 on windows.
When entering text at some location, the very first time,
this is what I do:

I Click on the 'A' icon, and type in the Latex. I can hit RETURN
to start a new line (within the small text window where I writing
my Latex) and the window stays open, until I click the OK button
and only then it closes. This is what one expects.

But if I want to edit the text again (by right clicking on the
text, and selecting the 'edit text' option), now the small
window which opens and have the existing text in it, will
close when I hit RETURN instead of staying open.

This is annoying, it means it is hard to edit the text and add
new text to a new line, and one have to add text only to an
existing Latex line else the window will close when trying
to add new line !

Is there a workaround to this? Do others see this same behavior?

Window 7, 64 bit, IPE 7.1.8


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