[Ipe-discuss] IpePresenter with ipe 7.1.7 on Windows

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Mar 23 14:14:07 CET 2015

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015, at 21:51, Remko van der Vossen wrote:
> Is it still possible to build IpePresenter with qt, even if ipe itself
> is not? If not, could I build ipe 7.1.7 myself with qt instead of
> Windows native GUI? Or alternatively, how difficult would it be to
> update IpePresenter such that it can work with the natvie GUI on
> Windows?

In the long run, I plan to have a presenter with a native Windows UI. 
I'm thinking of using poppler for this instead of libipe, so that it
would work for arbitrary PDF presentations (e.g. also ones made with
beamer), not just Ipe ones.

For the moment, you have to compile IpePresenter yourself.  It needs
ipecanvas compiled to use Qt - so you first have to compile ipecanvas
yourself, using the settting IPEUI = IPEUI_QT.    The other libraries
(ipe.dll, ipecairo.dll) do not depend on the UI library.

You could also compile Ipe to use QT.  In principle, it should be enough
to change the setting IPEUI = WIN32 in common.mak.  However, I'm no
longer testing this combination (IPEUI=QT on WIN32 platform), so I
cannot guarantee it will work.

Another simple solution would be to change IpePresenter so that it does
not use the ipe::Canvas class at all.  Instead it should simply render a
bitmap of the right size of the page and display that, using the
ipecairo library that comes with Ipe.  (See the iperender.cpp file for
how one could do this.)


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