[Ipe-discuss] IpePresenter with ipe 7.1.7 on Windows

Remko van der Vossen wich at yuugen.jp
Mon Mar 23 13:51:38 CET 2015


Now that ipe for Windows is no longer built with qt, is it still
possible to use IpePresenter with it?

As far as I know I cannot use IpePresenter linked to libipe 7.1.5 to
show an ipe presentation created with ipe 7.1.7.

Therefore I tried to build IpePresenter against libipe 7.1.7, but then I
get an error about ipecanvas_qt.h being missing as follows:

   In file included from mainwindow.cpp:32:0:
   mainwindow.h:36:26: fatal error: ipecanvas_qt.h: No such file or directory
    #include "ipecanvas_qt.h"
   compilation terminated.
   make: *** [mainwindow.o] Error 1

Note that;
  I have qt 4.8.6 development library installed to link IpePresenter against
  I have MinGW with gcc 4.8.1-4 installed to compile with
  ipe 7.1.7 include directory does indeed not have ipecanvas_qt.h

Is it still possible to build IpePresenter with qt, even if ipe itself
is not? If not, could I build ipe 7.1.7 myself with qt instead of
Windows native GUI? Or alternatively, how difficult would it be to
update IpePresenter such that it can work with the natvie GUI on

By the way, the IpePresenter binary that was included with ipe 7.1.6 for
Windows was actually linked to libipe 7.1.5, so it did not work.

Kind regards,


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