[Ipe-discuss] text from ipe-image appears cropped in tex-document

Ingo Wilms ingo.wilms at outlook.com
Sat Mar 1 20:11:27 CET 2014

Hi everybody!

I am using ipe for a while and it's just great to work with and I really 
appreciate it!
There is only one tiny thing I did not manage to work out. Sometimes text 
appesars cropped after inserting an ipe-page into a tex-document as a figure. 
The same thing happens when I export png-images.

Example: I just created a label in ipe with "Omegaf". Now a small piece of 
"O" and "f" is missing. Here is an upload of the png-file:

Does anybody know if there is way to avoid that behavior? Maybe it is just a 
small setting issue.



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