[Ipe-discuss] having the green box around text temporarily invisible - for screenshots

Thierry VAN CUTSEM t.vancutsem at ulg.ac.be
Thu Dec 11 10:03:26 CET 2014



I am new to this list, and I apologize if the point has been discussed
before. I have searched the Ipe options but have not found the answer to the


I like Ipe and find it very useful to make technical figures for inclusion
in LaTeX, Beamer and Powerpoint. Regarding PowerPoint precisely, it would be
nice if one could include "screenshots" (pressing printscreen key) of a
figure prepared with Ipe directly in PowerPoint. However, this is not
possible when there is text. Indeed text appears boxed with a dashed green
line around it, and an "anchor" to move it. I did not find the way the make
this box and this anchor disappear temporarily, for taking the screenshot.
Can this be done ?  In the absence of this feature, I export the figure in
PDF, open the PDF file and take the screenshot. The above feature would save
a bit of time.


Thank you in advance for the help !





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