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Troels Sørensen trold at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Mon Aug 25 13:44:34 CEST 2014

Hi Ipe community,

I have lately started using Ipe to create quick and dirty overlays for
existing pdf-documents. The workflow so far has been:

1) start with old pdf needing annotation
2) create a pdf overlay using Ipe, eye-balling alignment
3) merge the overlay onto the old pdf using pdftk (using old pdf as
4) adjust alignment and repeat, if alignment is too far off

This workflow would be vastly improved by being able to include a pdf
background directly in ipe. There is kind of support for doing this, by
using pdflatex to include a pdf, but this would not be rendered by Ipe
while working on the document, and one would have to include every page
individually. A neat solution would be if one could "open" an existing pdf,
which would then get an Ipe-page per page of the pdf, with the source pdf
being rendered as a background. Is this something that could be fixed by a
lua extension, or would this require a major change to Ipe?

Troels Bjerre Sørensen
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