[Ipe-discuss] fill closed line after grouping separate pieces

Johan Ingvast ingvast at kth.se
Tue Nov 12 09:01:11 CET 2013

you should not do grouping but either "Compose paths" or "Join Lines"
Difference is
     Compose is doing what you would expect the grouping to to, allows 
you to fill it with color.  Lines that are joint with compose can be 
decomposed just like ungrouped.

     Join lines you do with two lines that have at least one point in 
common. It connects them and makes one path of two paths.  When you do 
edit path on the new one, you can edit both.

You reach the compose and join with content sensitive menue (third 
button) after selection.

hope it explains

Bornia, Giorgio skrev 2013-11-12 01:36:
> Dear all,
>     I created a closed line in Ipe by grouping separate pieces of open 
> lines
> (some of which are splines, some of which are straight).
> Now I want to fill the enclosed domain with some color,
> but I don't get what I want.
> It seems like it still sees the pieces as separate and not as a whole.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Giorgio
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