[Ipe-discuss] Where's pdftoipe?

Christian Staudt christian.staudt at kit.edu
Tue Oct 30 14:11:42 CET 2012

Homebrew doesn't have a package called "ipe-tools". Installing MacPorts is not an option for me, it is known to conflict with Homebrew (as well as being inferior).

Any other places where I might find pdftoipe?


Am 30.10.2012 um 14:10 schrieb Murat Yildizoglu <myildi at gmail.com>:

> I use macports for installing ipe (by the way, only for instlalling ipe), and therecis a ipe-tools port that normally installs these convertion utilities. Maybe Homebrew also has this. 
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> Murat Yildizoglu
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> Le mardi 30 octobre 2012 à 12:10, Christian Staudt a écrit :
>> Hello ipe users,
>> I am new to ipe. One feature I need is the ability to import and edit PDF figures created by other applications. 
>> In this context, a separate program named "pdftoipe" or "pdf2ipe" is often mentioned. However, I cannot find any downloads for this. The ipe website states that it is "available from SourceForge", but there's no link to it.
>> I work on OSX 10.8 and installed ipe via the package manager homebrew. Unfortunately, homebrew does not package pdftoipe.
>> Are there maybe other options for importing and editing PDF figures with ipe I have overlooked?
>> Regards
>> Chris
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