[Ipe-discuss] pgfplots problem

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Nov 5 14:33:33 CET 2012

On 11/05/2012 07:09 PM, Jerzy Wróbel wrote:
> Recently I realized, that by loading a latex source (with pgfplots
> commands) to the paragraph box, I can  create a correct pdf
> output file, when figure is saved. Unfortunately, the screen display
> looks strange, some elements (lines, markers) are not visible,
> others, like "ghost" lines and large rectangles, show up.
> I use windows version 7.0.10 and texlive2011.

Ipe doesn't include a complete PDF interpreter - it understands just 
enough to correctly render the output of Pdftex.  PGF inserts 
essentially arbitrary PDF operators into the Pdftex output, which Ipe 
currently doesn't know how to handle.

In principle, PGF macros can generate the full range of PDF operators, 
so Ipe would need a complete PDF interpreter to make sure it can display 
everything.  This isn't currently on my list of things to do, although 
in the long run it might be useful (for instance, to allow including 
arbitrary PDF figures).


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