[Ipe-discuss] pgfplots problem

Jerzy Wróbel wrobel at ifpan.edu.pl
Mon Nov 5 11:09:17 CET 2012

Dear All,

I use Ipe for almost everything (thank you Otfried), 
including the preparation of publication quality figures with 
a lot of experimental data displayed as a 2D plots.
For that, I wrote a small  program which reads data from file
and creates a figure in the Ipe format. The program serves me well,
but it will never be as polished and flexible as the
pgfplots latex package, which is based on PGF/TikZ.
Recently I realized, that by loading a latex source (with pgfplots 
commands) to the paragraph box, I can  create a correct pdf
output file, when figure is saved. Unfortunately, the screen display
looks strange, some elements (lines, markers) are not visible,
others, like "ghost" lines and large rectangles, show up.
I use windows version 7.0.10 and texlive2011.
I wonder if somebody else has this problem and is it still
present also in the newest (Linux, Mac) version of Ipe?

BTW, a possibility of preparing the editable experimental
data plots in Ipe (via tighter integration with pgfplots?),  
would definitely increase the impact range
of the program, far beyond the mathematicians society...:-)

With best regards,
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