[Ipe-discuss] Unable to change grid size and snap angle

Norbert Zeh nzeh at cs.dal.ca
Sat Jun 30 00:35:40 CEST 2012

OC [2012.06.29 2306 +0200]:
> Hello,
> I was quite distressed because I couldn't change the grid size and snap 
> angle in my document. The toolbar only displayed "16pt" and "45 deg" and 
> nothing else was available.
> I finally understood that the problem happened because my document was 
> converted from an old Ipe6 PDF file with ipeextract / ipe6upgrade. The 
> resulting IPE file did not have any <gridsize> nor <anglesize> definitions.
> A solution was to copy-paste the drawing from the "bad" document window 
> to a blank Ipe window and save as a new file. The resulting document 
> could be used satisfactorily.
> I write this in case other people would have the same problem and look 
> for a solution.
> Maybe ipe6upgrade could be improved so as to add defaults for <gridsize> 
> and <anglesize>.

I'm sure that simply adding the right stylesheet (and removing the one generated
by the converter) would have the same effect.


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