[Ipe-discuss] Assign keyboard shortcuts to menu commands not listed in shortcuts.lua?

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Thu Nov 24 12:27:48 CET 2011

On 11/24/2011 04:03 PM, elwood151 wrote:
> I tried to assign keyboard shortcuts to menu commands which are not yet
> listed in shortcuts.lua.
> How can I assign a shortcut to e. g. "edit object as xml"?
> shortcuts.Edit_object_as_XML = "Alt+E" did not work - how do I find the
> correct syntax for this command (and others)?

In this case, it should be

shortcuts.edit_as_xml = "Alt+E"

In general, you can search "actions.lua" for a line of the form 
MODEL:action_... or MODEL:saction_...

The names are usually self-explaining (and should all be in 
shortcuts.lua, if they are not it's just that I forgot).


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