[Ipe-discuss] How to change standard font for all labels and minipages?

Gijs van Oort g.vanoort at ewi.utwente.nl
Tue May 17 15:49:22 CEST 2011



If you also want sans-serif math, do


I guess that all this will give the Computer modern sans-serif font, you
can change that to Helvetica (I guess) by first doing


(but you still need to tell LaTeX to use the sans-serif fons a default 
by doing the
\renewcommand above.

Also, take a look at the presentation style sheet that ships with IPE; 
that defaults to
sans-serif fonts.


On 5/17/11 15:36 , elwood151 wrote:
> How can I change the standard font for all labels and minipages in a IPE
> drawing to \sffamily or Helvetica?
> I tried to add \sffamily to the preamble, but that did not change anything.
> I found the answer "\usepackage{palatino}" in this group, but for me that
> does not work with CMSS or another font.
> Is there a way to define a standard font style in the preamble or in the
> style sheet?
> Kind regards
> Martin

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