[Ipe-discuss] conversion from LaTeX presentation to Ipe

Zhengdao Wang zhengdao at iastate.edu
Wed Jul 27 23:06:59 CEST 2011

Ipe fans:

I have some past and current presentations that
have been written using LaTeX (slides, beamer,
etc.) The .tex source file usually has very good
textual structure, basically just pages of slides,
and then on each page a list of items. I would
like to convert/upgrade some of these to Ipe, and
currently do it by hand. I wonder if this process
can be somehow automated, as both LaTeX and Ipe
use plain text files. Perfect conversion is
probably impossible, but as long as most of the
conversion is done, and all information preserved,
further editing by hand should fix the problems.
Theoretically it seems possible. Has any one done
something similar to this, or any ideas?


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