[Ipe-discuss] LaTeX runs -> temporary files

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Mar 8 13:46:06 CET 2010

Andreas Keil wrote:
> Is IPEPDFLATEX an environment variable used by Ipe? If so, should it
> point to a batch file similar to the runlatex.bat generated by Ipe?
> My Ipe installation did not respond to such an environment variable...

Sorry, my mistake.  IPEPDFLATEX no longer exists.

You could create a file "pdflatex.bat", and make that call "<correct 
path>/pdflatex --include-director=..", and then make sure that 
"pdflatex.bat" is on your path before the miktex pdflatex :-)

Another trick:  Modify runlatex.bat to include the --include-director=.. 
argument, and then make runlatex.bat read-only.  This should stop Ipe 
from overwriting it, and it should work.

> Apparently ipe-update-master is only part of the *nix distribution of
> Ipe (which makes sense because it seems to be a shell script).

No, it is a Lua script.  This doesn't help you, because the Windows 
distribution does not include the Lua interpreter - but that could be 
fixed relatively easily.  It's just that nobody asked for it yet.


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