[Ipe-discuss] feature request for ipe and ipetoipe: checkbox "add view to list of lastviews"

Zhengdao Wang zhengdao at iastate.edu
Sat Dec 4 18:07:36 CET 2010

Not to distract the discussion here, but in case it is
useful to any one: I uploaded to Ipe7 wiki (under
"presentations") a utility that does the following:

For all pages, find any view X that contains layers all
visible in another view Y of the same page, then remove any
such view X. And save the resulting pages to an Ipe file
(could be a PDF of course). Example: If

 View 1 contains Layers A
 View 2 contains Layers A,B
 View 3 contains Layers A,B,C
 View 4 contains Layers A,B,D

Then Views 1 and 2 will be removed.


Norbert Zeh wrote on Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 10:40:36AM CST:
> Otfried Cheong [2010.12.04 1210 +0900]:
> > One alternative:  You can mark both pages and views for printing.
> > When a new page is created, it's automatically marked.  New views
> > are not marked.  ipetoipe -markedviews will export all marked views
> > on marked pages, or the last view of a marked page if none of its
> > views is marked.
> I think this is an elegant way of dealing with this issue.  The
> -nolastview option proposed by a response to your email is too
> specialized to work well in practice.  Here's what I would consider the
> most common scenario.  I have lots of pages where I do want the last
> view and one or two where I don't.  -nolastview would eliminate all last
> views, and I would then have to go and manually mark all the last views
> I do want.  That could be tedious.
> If we buy into the theory that the above is indeed the most common
> scenario, then having page and view marks with pages marked upon
> creation and views not marked upon creation causes the least effort to
> set up minor deviations from the default.
> Cheers,
> Norbert
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